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Concerned Parents Being Shut Down

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

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Loudoun County, Virginia, has become ground zero in America's culture war. Concerned parents have been battling radical school board members and their outrageous left-wing policies for quite some time. There's a recall effort against most of the school board members and new demands for the superintendent of schools to resign. The latest skirmish involves the school board's transgender student policy and a raucous meeting in June that ended with the arrest of Scott Smith, whose daughter was in the ninth grade. Smith says he was at that meeting to protest the board's transgender policy because his daughter was raped in a girl's bathroom by a boy wearing a dress who claims to be "gender fluid." But Superintendent Scott Ziegler denied that there had been any sexual assaults in any Loudoun County schools. In other words, so-called "progressives" covered up a brutal assault because it was exactly what parents had been warning about from the beginning of the absurd "gender fluid" dictates. Parents repeatedly told school board members, "You can't let boys into girls' locker rooms and restrooms, you idiots!" But Smith was never allowed to speak at the June meeting. Before he could address the board, public comments were cut off. The bureaucrats silenced him, perhaps because they knew he was about to expose their coverup. The local prosecutor tried to put Smith in jail, and he was banned from future school board meetings. I ask you: How would you react if the school board who allowed this to be done to your daughter would not allow you to speak out at a school board meeting? Thankfully, Smith is getting the chance to tell his story now. It's one every parent and grandparent should hear. But you won't hear it from the "lamestream media." If these allegations prove to be true, and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department has confirmed an assault occurred in May, then Smith's daughter is a victim of the left's gender fluid insanity. And Smith was silenced by the school board, persecuted by local officials and smeared by the National Association of School Boards as a "domestic terrorist." Scott Smith and his daughter are just the latest in a long and growing list of victims of today's so-called "progressive" socialist left.

republished from American Values

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